Virginia Rose Vandermark

Age: 4 Passed away (February 1st, 2011- December 29, 2015) | Diagnosis: High-Risk AML with Monosomy 7 | Date of Diagnosis: 04/9/15

On April 7th, 2015, Virginia Rose was taken to the Dr. for a rash that developed during Spring Break. Thinking we would get an ointment or referral to a dermatologist, we were blindsided when they sent us to the ER. That night we were told that it looked like cancer. Our hearts sank. Our little girl, full of life and enjoying Easter just two days ago, was now in a battle for her life. On April 9th, it was confirmed that she has AML, and on the 13th, she was classified as High Risk due to mutated chromosome 7 (monosomy 7). She started and finished ten-day induction chemo and will be tested on the 23rd to see how successful that treatment was. She has not left the hospital since the 7th. The first round of Chemo did take out some cancer, but not what we were hoping for. She has developed pneumonia and a partially collapsed left lung. They will go back in for another biopsy on May 8th and then start the second round of Chemo. She had two CT scans as they monitor her lungs. She is staying in the hospital while her body tries to recover from chemo and fight this infection. Her blasts are down from 51% to 46% after induction 1 and have started induction 2 on May 8th. Our two boys, RJ (5) and Samuel (2) have been very strong. Praise God Samuel is a 100% match for Virginia, so if a marrow transplant is needed, he is all set. Please be in prayer for us all. This has taken us all by surprise and our heads are still spinning.

Virginia has been currently transferred to St. Jude’s for intensive treatment.

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