Reynaldo Flores

Age: 16 | Diagnosis: Choroid Complex Carcinoma (Brain Tumor) | Date of Diagnosis: 3/24/14

Where to start…It started with my son Rey as we call him, with headaches and nausea, throwing up every morning took him to hospitals to his Primary care Doctors and nothing the one thing that worried me he had vision problems started with double vision and then black outs his eye doctor spend a whole hour and recommended an MRI January 21,2013 expected everything to be ok but the worst news ever he had a Brain tumor stage 3 admitted right away and January 24 2013 surgery took place and my lil boy fought for his life and made it !

Chemotherapy was given for three months followed by MRIs every 3months and a year hadn’t passed since his last Chemotherapy when on April 11, 2014, we got another bad news he has not one but two tumors that came back, so he is in active treatments, stem cells removed to give back after his last chemotherapy is giving!!!! He is a fighter, and won’t give up yes he is scared every day that goes by, but we have faith in God he will make through it! He is currently home school, and he is doing great he is in 7th grade in Lebanon Middle School and misses all his friends and the things he enjoyed before, he also has a little chihuahua name Mico. All we can do is have FAITH and make the best of the situation!!

Update 1/31/2018

Rey had another tumor September 5, 2017, we decided to go to Washington to children’s hospital to do trial medication, but it didn’t work, so they decide to remove the tumor at Hershey. It went great but less than a month later two more tumors grew, they decided to remove the cancer on Dec 19, 2017, Dec 20th MRI was conducted, and they found a small tumor that wasn’t initially visible. Due to the location, he was not a candidate for surgery. January 9, 2018, he went in for a gamma knife procedure and Sunday morning Jan 28, 2018, he suffered two seizures. Monday morning Jan 29th, 2018, they found two new tumors. We are waiting to hear what treatment he can get to avoid the tumors to get any bigger.

Rey can’t catch a break he has missed the whole school year. He can’t do much but t sit and play ps4 or watch movies or sleep due to him being nauseous or restless nights!

Please keep Rey in your prayers as he continues to fight this cancer!

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