Lucas Brown

Age: 5 months old • Diagnosis: Malignant Rhabdoid Tumor (MRT) • Date of Diagnosis: 2/12/2019

This past August 2019, Lucas was called home to his heavily Father.

A message from Lucas Mom…
Lucas, my sweet boy, you persevered and gained a well deserved crown and no doubt gorgeous angel wings.
I hope to one day understand “the bigger picture” of Lucas’ cancer and his death but for now I remain completely heart broken.

The pain of losing your child is exquisitely hard, devastating might be a better word but the thought of never knowing Lucas if far too painful to ever conceive.

Because dear Lucas you were a complete joy and abundant light to all that knew you. Your dad and my heart grew greater than we knew possible the moment we met you.

We were blessed with the amazing task of loving you all 314 days that you lived on this earth.
We are so grateful to have known your beautiful soul and create wonderful, joyful memories that we will treasure always.

Buddy, we miss you terribly but we will be okay. You enjoy your beautiful, pain free body in heaven with your two doggies, Gracie and Sammie.

We love you so very much. Come visit us sometime 💕🦖

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