Golden Gala Tickets

**Please note that after your PayPal transaction is completed your PayPal receipt (which should go to the email address provided during PayPal checkout) will be your confirmation!!**

The Foundation may send you an email closer to the Golden Gala overviewing details of the event. ALL other race information and FAQs can be found on our Golden Gala webpage.

Following your ticket purchase

  • Individual Ticket Purchases: You will not need to bring a ticket/receipt to the event. Your table number will be given to you at the registration desk after submitting your name. ***This event is an assigned seating event. If you want to sit with friends/family we recommend purchasing a whole table or be sure to submit your seating requests in the comment space provide.***

  • Whole Table Ticket Purchases: If you provided the names of all the individuals sitting at your table prior to submitting the form, then you will follow the same process as the Individual Ticket Purchaser’s for the day of the event. If you were unsure who would be sitting at your table when the table purchase was made you have two options…. email [email protected] by Oct 1st with the names of the guests at your table or tell your guests that they will be under your name at the registration desk the day of the event (i.e. John Smith Guest #1, John Smith Guest #2).
  • Any questions about your ticket order can be directed to Jenell Wolf  [email protected]